The negative impacts of counterfeiting and piracy are projected to drain $4.2 trillion from the global economy and put 5.4 million legitimate jobs at risk. Here are the three current major global problems in the luxury industry:

Problem 1: Counterfeits of Luxury Goods

As a buyer, how can you assure the luxury product you’ve purchased is authentic? As a seller, how do you prove that your goods are 100% genuine? This remains a major trust issue between the buyer and seller without a good neutral self-regulatory decentralize solution based on the global alliance.


Problem 2: Non-unified Service History and Theft Reporting

Currently, there is no single universal end-user database record for the global authentic luxury asset of different manufacturers. Information about where the product was originally purchased from, previous owner records, and maintenance service history were difficult to obtain. Stolen goods can easily re-enter the resale market due to the absence of unified global stop-list.


Problem 3: Asset Liquidity Issue

Most people don’t realize the value of the items they have hanging on their walls or stored in their garages or jewelry boxes. Luxury assets such as Swiss watches, luxury handbags, jewelry, and fine art have increased in value by an amazing 205% over the last 10 years, thus providing excellent opportunities for asset liquidity. It’s clear that most luxury asset owners aren’t using the most secure and profitable channel to liquidize their assets to their greatest advantage.


Origin Foundation is the World’s First Decentralised Authentication and Tokenization Ecosystem for Global Luxury

ORIGIN Ecosystem =
ORIGIN Blockchain + Proof of Authenticity (PoA) + Asset Tokenization

ORIGIN Ecosystem is a luxury product authentication and asset tokenization ecosystem with complete end-to-end brand owner supply chain management to end-customer asset management, that utilizes the power of Blockchain Technology and our unique patented QR code system.

About ORIGIN Foundation

ORIGIN Foundation is a global alliance initiative between Luxury Brand Owners, Customers and Bodying Watch Company, with a mission to build the first perpetual, anonymous and trusted records for the world’s asset, through blockchain technology for creating a decentralized authentication and asset tokenization solution for the personal luxury market.

Bodying Watch Company Statistics

How ORIGIN Works?

With Origin blockchain, anyone can view detailed information that proves the asset’s provenance and authenticity including serial number, point of sales, and service maintenance records. Depending on the asset type, each will be tagged either with ORIGIN’s patented fingerprint QR code or ORIGIN’s invisible QR code, which mirrors all of the information stored on the ORIGIN blockchain. These QR codes were created in such a way that they cannot be duplicated or forged, that always carry the true identity and proof of authenticity of the products.

Empowering individuals, groups, and companies.


Token Sale

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ORIGIN Token (ORIGIN) is a cryptographic utility token issued to power the ORIGIN Blockchain platform, purchase the platform based services and make transactional payments. Here is the all information about ORIGIN token, Token distribution and sale proceed allocation.

Company Name:
ORIGIN Foundation
Token Symbol:
Token Type
Price ICO
US$ 0.018
Ethereum (ERC-20)
Soft cap:
US$ 3,000,000
Hard cap:
US$ 16,200,000
Total Supply
3,000,000,000 ORIGIN
Limited For Sale
900,000,000 ORIGIN
Unsold Tokens
Will be burnt
Accepted Currencies

ICO Structure

Use of Fund


ORIGIN timeline with stages of development, innovations and great customers growth.

March 2018

Project Idea

Market Research and Idea about ORIGIN Platform
8th December 2018

ORIGIN Launching

ORIGIN foundation officially launched with global strategic alliances. Foundation Development Starts.

Jan 2019

Goods with the slogan “Insist Genuine”
March 2019


ORIGIN App Development and Private Token Sale
Q2 2019

Awareness Campaign

Continue ORIGIN roadshow and awareness campaign building community to major Asia countries.
Q3 2019

App Run Test

Prototype and first test run of ORIGIN App and ORIGIN Blockchain. Hong Kong and Singapore will be the first market for pilot testing.
Q4 2019

Tokenization Test

Development and initial testing phase for ORIGIN Asset tokenization.More ORIGIN roadshow and awareness campaign building community to united states and European Countries.
Q1 2020

QR Code Testing

The first testing phase for Brand Owner Supply Chain Traceability system on ORIGIN QR Code. Official Launch of ORIGIN Asset Tokenization for ORIGIN.
Q2 2020

Official Launching

Official Launch for brand owner supply chain Traceability System on ORIGIN QR code.
Q3 2020

ORIGIN Roadshow

ORIGIN roadshow and awareness campaign building community to Australia, New Zealand. ORIGIN App ready to launch on major Asia Countries.
Q4 2020

ORIGIN Roadshow

ORIGIN roadshow and awareness campaign building community to middle EAST, South America. ORIGIN App ready to Launch on the United States and European countries.


Download Our documents and learn about ORIGIN Token, the unique ORIGIN Foundation approach and the team/advisors.


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Only Limited supply is available for public


This app is available and accessible 24 x 7 for all ORIGIN members. It keeps the real-time updates on the ORIGIN Blockchain. Watch details will be stored immutably on ORIGIN Blockchain, which guarantees its integrity and capacity to pass any type of auditing. The database is public and universally accessible, with an enhanced level of data confidentiality, which safeguards the owner’s identity.


What is ORIGIN Foundation?

ORIGIN Foundation is a global alliance initiative with a mission to build the first Perpetual, Anonymous and Trusted records for the world’s asset, through blockchain technology enabling a revolutionary trust and trade link between owners and brands, building long-lasting business relationships.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase?

You can use USDT, BTC, ETH

How do I benefit from the ORIGIN Token?

Buying our token means you are partnering with us for our bright future. We will continually be working on new ideas and new technologies to better our partnership with you. There is no limit to where we can take ORIGIN Tokens with the work we are willing to put in. Being involved in the early stages of this platform puts you in the best position for when we are fully operational.

What is ORIGIN Token (ORIGIN)?

ORIGIN Token (ORIGIN) is a cryptographic utility token issued to power the ORIGIN Blockchain platform, purchase the platform based services and make transactional payments. ORIGIN Tokens are ERC20 compliant and based on Ethereum blockchain. Total token supply is fixed and ORIGIN Token is not mineable. Further to the token sale, tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges to facilitate liquidity. ORIGIN Tokens are vital to maintain internal economy of the ORIGIN ecosystem and facilitate safe and open interaction among ecosystem participants.

How can I participate in the ORIGIN Token sale?

You can join the Crowdsale by creating a new account on our website and crediting your account with one of our accepted cryptocurrencies. Once you have your ORIGIN account funded, you may use that to purchase as many tokens as you wish once the Crowdsale begins.

What are the advantages of ORISET Token?

ORISET is the World’s First Luxury Asset Tokenization System, Providing A Value Transfer of Authenticated Genuine Luxury Asset.

ORIGIN Private sale is going to start with 10% Bonus.

Invest in ORIGIN

A global alliance initiative with a mission to build the first Trusted records for the world's asset, through blockchain technology.