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ORIGIN Ecosystem is the World’s First Luxury Products complete End-to-end Authentication and Tokenization Ecosystem from brand owner supply chain to end customer asset management, that utilizes the power of the Blockchain Technology to specifically offer Product Authentication and Asset Tokenization.

Our approach to product authentication is unique and comprehensive to ensure that the entire supply chain is well tracked and recorded on the immutable ORIGIN Blockchain.

For Brand Owners: ORIGIN Supply Chain Management

Brand Owner can be a watch brand owner or any luxury product brand owner. In this case, let’s take a brand name watch owner for example. When the Brand Owner first initiates a watch record, specifying the watch specifications including watch movement, dial size, dial materials, dial face materials, watch band materials etc, all records into the ORIGIN Blockchain. The producer picks up these details and starts manufacturing the watch according to the specification. The producer’s name and quality check endorsement will then be recorded onto ORIGIN Blockchain. Distributor data, a logistics company and retailers details will subsequently be recorded onto ORIGIN Blockchain. When the first owner purchases the watch, through ORIGIN App he will register this new watch claiming the ownership, service maintenance record, warranty details, insurance record etc.

Depending on product type, we offer 2 unique one of a kind QR code technology for traceability.

Solution 1: ORIGIN QR Code™ (Unique Patented Wrinkles QR Code)

Spontaneously generated, random wrinkles of special coatings just like fingerprints, they formed unique patterns with a wavy topography are cheap to produce easy to verify impossible to clone, are well served as security tags for anti-counterfeiting.

ORIGIN QR Code™ Advantage:

  • Cheap to produce
  • Easy to verify
  • Difficult to clone

Suitable Product Line:

  • Garments, Jeans, Jackets
  • Handbags, Wallets
  • Shoes

Solution 2: ORIGIN Invisible QR Code™

A unique type of fluorescent ink will be used to produce ORIGIN Invisible QR Code™ which are invisible under normal light but visible under ultraviolet light. With this technology, the brand manufacturers will be able to directly print the invisible QR Code into their products without tradeoff the original product looks, and yet adding the additional security authentication features.

ORIGIN Invisible QR Code™ Advantage:

  • Covert
  • Directly print onto the product, no removable parts
  • Difficult to clone

Suitable Product Line:

  • Luxury Watches
  • Sunglasses
  • Pieces of jewelry
  • Handbags, Wallets
  • Perfumes
  • Cosmetics

For End Customer: ORIGIN Asset Management

Once customer submit their newly purchased goods details through ORIGIN App, they will start to enjoy membership benefits and secure their purchase.

ORIGIN Proof of Authenticity™ (PoA)

ORIGIN Proof of Authenticity™ (PoA) proves that the product is 100% Genuine and Authentic from the original brand manufacturer. It refers to a series of immutable public visible product data trail that shows the complete historic origins based on decentralized blockchain technology.

ORIGIN Proof of Authenticity™ (PoA) service offer the following 2-Tier Authentication Process for all its member:

Tier 1 Authentication: Invoice showing where a product originally came from

Customers will register their products by upload through ORIGIN Mobile APP which can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes.

Tier 2 Authentication: A Certified Certificate of Authenticity proving that a product has been verified

Customer will bring the watch or luxury goods that they’ve purchased to any of the authorized service centers worldwide for professionally authenticated by an expert. Upon confirmation by an expert, a Certified Certification of Authenticity will be endorsed which will then be uploaded into the ORIGIN App as Tier-2 Authentication.

ORIGIN Luxury Asset Token (ORISET)

World’s First Luxury Asset Tokenization System

ORIGIN Luxury Asset Token (ORISET) offers a unique way of asset liquidation and value transfer for the authenticated luxury asset. When ORIGIN Member’s Asset, be it a luxury watch or an expensive handbag has been professionally authenticated on ORIGIN Tier-2 authentication process, the next natural steps would be to tokenize such asset for re-value or resell purpose. Tokenization is a method that converts rights to an asset into a digital token.

By tokenizing assets, allowing ORIGIN Members to start trading their assets in a cryptocurrency fashion and managing their value exchange under contracts written on the ORIGIN Blockchain. Luxury asset owners will now have access to the most secure and profitable channel to liquidize their assets to their greatest advantage. With ORIGIN Luxury Asset Token (ORISET) we aim to captivate the annual US$50 billion luxury asset trade market cap.

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A global alliance initiative with a mission to build the first Trusted records for the world's asset, through blockchain technology.